Hello and welcome!

We're An Other Theater Company, a small non-profit theater in Provo, Utah! We work to create inclusive and thought-provoking theatre in our conservative hometown, with a focus on the voices that are often overlooked in this area. 


Our theatre seeks to provide and promote theatrical works of art that are fresh, unique, empathetic, and inclusive; to foster and promote creative talent within the Utah Valley community; and to uplift the works and talents of the queer community, BIPOC folks, women, and humans of all sizes, ages, and abilities. We strive to make our theatre a space where people can proudly and safely be themselves while watching and making powerful theatre. 

We're a 401(c) non-profit, operating with a small budget out of an old Radio Shack in the Provo Towne Centre mall, where we've produced everything from Angels in America to Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Here, you can be your queerest self. Here, we embrace your neurodiversity. Here, we welcome folks of all races, faiths, genders, abilities, orientations, and belief systems. Here, we believe everyone has a right to make and partake in powerful theatre. 

Thanks for joining us. There's a seat for you in our iconic yellow pews. We hope you feel welcome here. 

Current Events

We've updated our COVID policies! Please read about how we're keeping our community safe.


All of our upcoming productions are temporarily postponed due to safety concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to bring you fresh, unique, empathetic, and inclusive theatre to you again soon!