Hello and welcome!

We're An Other Theater Company, a small non-profit theater in Provo, Utah! We work to create inclusive and thought-provoking theatre in our conservative hometown, with a focus on the voices that are often overlooked in this area. 


Our theatre seeks to uplift the works and talents of the queer community, BIPOC folks, women, and humans of all sizes, ages, and abilities. We strive to make our theatre a space where people can proudly and safely be themselves while watching and making powerful theatre. 

Our theatre doors are currently closed due to COVID-19, but we're using this time to re-vamp, re-think, and re-organize so that we can come back to you even stronger. (Keep wearing a mask and social distancing, and sign up for a vaccine so that we can make live, in-person theatre again!) In the meantime, we invite you to check out our Panel Series discussions!

Thanks for joining us. We hope you feel welcome here. 

Current Events

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"Panel Series: Trans in Theatre"

MODERATOR: Sammee Jackman
PANELISTS: Pan Lynn, Jae Weit, Miles Gourley, Danielle Tenerelli

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for future show announcements!