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2nd Annual New Play Festival 


An Other Theatre Company is currently seeking new play submissions for our New Play Festival in April 2023. The theme for this year: Lost and Found.


This will be a concert reading series showcasing six original ten minute plays, four one act plays, and two full length plays from Utah-based playwrights.


Concert readings will take place at Canyon Glen Ampitheatre in Provo, Utah. Scripts will be read and reviewed by readers within our AOTC family and by local theatre artists.


Submission Guidelines

  • The play must align with AOTC’s mission

    • Fresh, unique, empathetic, and inclusive

    • Written by and/or about individuals within the queer community; BIPOC folks; women; and humans of all sizes, ages, and abilities

  • The play should reflect some aspect of the theme "Lost and Found" 

  • The play must be written by a local Utah theatre artist

  • The play must be an original and unpublished work

    • Not based on or inspired by any other work

    • No previous production history

  • Only finished works accepted

    • Only one script submission per playwright

    • No screenplays or musicals

  • Blind Submission

    • Playwright name and contact information on title page only

    • Name and contact information will be removed during judging

  • Ten Minute Plays:

    • No more than 10.5 pages – not including title and character page

  • One Act Plays: 

    • 15 - 60 pages – not including title and character page

  • Full-Length Plays:

    • 60 - 120 pages – not including title and character page

  • Cast Size

    • 2-10 characters​​

Information on performances: 

  • Production Elements

    • Concert Reading

      • No set, costumes, or makeup

Auditions and Casting

    • Concert readings will consist of a shared ensemble cast

    • Playwrights will collaborate on casting choices with director

  • Rehearsals

    • Rehearsal revisions with director and cast

  • Performances and Talk Backs

    • In-person attendance

Submission Instructions

​Submit the following in a SINGLE PDF FILE:

  • Play script with playwright name and contact info on the TITLE PAGE ONLY

  • Resume

  • Brief Synopsis of the play (200 word max)

  • Character Breakdown

  • Play’s Development History (200 word max)

  • Brief statement on how and why your play aligns with AOTC's mission (500 word max) 


  • Please remove your name from all documents except the title page of the play

  • Begin page numbering on 2nd page of script 

Submission Fees: 

Choose one of the following options 

  • $5

  • $10

  • $15

After you pay your fee, you will be given instructions on how to submit your script. 

NOTE: These fees help us to cover the cost of renting the performance venue. However, we do not wish this to be prohibitive. If you are unable to pay the submission fee, please simply email your single PDF file submission (see above requirements) to with "2023 New Play Festival Submission" in the subject line


(Although the box says "tickets" this is NOT a ticket to the New Play Festival. This is the submission fee to enter a play into the festival.)

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