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Because we feel the arts are deeply important to all people, regardless of their ability to pay, An Other Theater Company utilizes a "Play-it-Forward" program, which provides a limited number of tickets to each performance completely free of charge, covered by our own subsidization, as well as the generosity of paying patrons.  

How the program works:
Each performance of each of our shows will have, at minimum, 2 tickets available completely free of charge to those who cannot afford to buy a ticket. Additionally, every patron who purchases a ticket online will have the option to provide, at a subsidized rate of $5 each, free tickets to any performance of that production for a stranger who may need it. These tickets go into a pool of available Play-it-Forward tickets. If there is a surplus of free tickets that go unused, the company will absorb the revenue gained from the generosity of paying patrons and use the money to continue to subsidize free tickets for future productions.

How to reserve a Play-it-Forward Ticket:

Any patron who is unable to purchase a ticket can email us at to request a Play-It-Forward ticket for a specific performance. If there are free tickets still available, we will set up a ticket in your name under your email address for that performance, no questions asked.

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