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Doubt: An Interview with Kacey Spadafora

AOTC: Please introduce yourself!

Kacey: Hi! I'm Kacey Spadafora. I play Father Flynn in Doubt. I also did the sound design and the set design.

AOTC: What is your favorite character moment in Doubt?

Kacey: I love telling Sister Aloysious that the idea I had during the tea scene for a sermon is "intolerance" while slowly going to sip some tea. It's the one moment I feel I'm allowed to just have fun with the character without baggage.

AOTC: What was the funniest moment in rehearsal for Doubt?

Kacey: We actually had too many to count to name a specific one. With a show as heavy as this one, the banter in the rehearsal room tends to be a nice escape from the text.

AOTC: What was your "Ah-Ha!" moment for Doubt? When did you click with your character as an actor?

Kacey: The night before we had a company preview, we just never were able to find the temperature for the final confrontation scene so we ran it over and over a few times and on one go-through, it all just seemed to click.

AOTC: What is your character's relationship to truth? How do they find it? What is their source for truth?

Kacey: Father Flynn finds his truth in compassion and in idealism. The hard facts of what happen don't matter to him, it's moving forward and intent that drives him.

AOTC: What is your personal relationship to truth? How do you find it? What is your source for truth?

Kacey: I think I have a similar outlook as Father Flynn in that regard, as I believe that humanity and compassion are the ultimate truths. There are facts, of course. And facts are important. But truth comes from within and can be formed by your deeds and words.

AOTC: What is your favorite quote from Doubt?

MRS. MULLER: Some things aren't black and white! SISTER ALOYSIUS: And sometimes they are!
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