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Doubt: An Interview with Kim Abunuwara

AOTC: What is your favorite character moment in Doubt?

Kim: I love it when Sister James stands up to Sister Aloyisus by owning her love of frosty the snowman and teaching. That takes a lot of courage.

AOTC: What was your "Ah-Ha!" moment for Doubt? When did you click with your character as an actor?

Kim: When I stopped using a Boston dialect.

AOTC: What is your character's relationship to truth? How do they find it? What is their source for truth?

Kim: Sister Aloysius trusts her experience and she interprets the world according to that experience. I think this is true of all of us; our lives shape us. We encounter terrifying challenges--like the death of a husband or disappointment in ourselves--and in order to continue to live, we write a story in which those experiences make sense. The harder those experiences have been, the tighter we grip our story.

AOTC: What is your favorite quote from Doubt?

Life is perhaps longer than you think and the dictates of the soul more numerous.
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