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Doubt: An Interview with Taylor Jack Nelson

AOTC: Please introduce yourself!

Taylor: Hi, I'm Taylor! I directed Doubt and am also the co-artistic director of An Other Theater Company.

AOTC: What was the funniest moment in rehearsal for Doubt?

Taylor: I honestly don't remember exactly how it happened, I think we were doing some kind of exercise to find the comedy in an otherwise dramatic opening scene, but at one point Kim, as Sister Aloysius, jumped on her desk while lecturing Sister James.

AOTC: What was your "Ah-Ha!" Moment for Doubt? When did the script come to life for you as a director?

Taylor: I've honestly had so many. I first read the script in high school when the play was still brand new, and from that moment to even now as I watch performances with audiences, it is still constantly revealing new things to me. I can't point to one "Ah-Ha!" moment, because every time I examine it or talk about it with someone, I discover something new that reshapes my perspective on the play.

AOTC: What is your personal relationship to truth? How do you find it? What is your source for truth?

Taylor: The truth is something that I think is absolutely always worth pursuing and respecting. However, the truth is a hard to pin down concept. Facts exist, but truth is often more complex. Because of this, I think it is important that even if we think we know the truth to always be open to the idea that we may be proven wrong with more information.

AOTC: What is your favorite quote from Doubt?

"Are we people? Am I a person, flesh and blood, like you? Or are we just ideas and convictions?"
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