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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! AOTC's Season Four is Finally Here!

Since closing our doors 16 months ago due to the pandemic, our season selection committee has been working fervently behind the scenes to bring you a season that not only aligns with our values and mission statement at An Other Theatre Company, but also showcases stories that are fresh, vibrant, poignant, unapologetic, and deeply human.

We strive to create inclusive and empathetic theatre by, for, and about the “others.” A direct focus on the voices that are often overlooked in this area. Stories celebrating and highlighting the queer community, BIPOC folks, women, and humans of all sizes, ages, and abilities. We hope as the character’s share their stories and their truth, it will in some way speak to you, directly, and connect us with one an-”other.” (:

Entertaining Lesbians

September 17 - October 19

Let me tell you, when reading Entertaining Lesbians by Topher Payne for the first time, I couldn’t contain my gasps and giggles as I went along. It was just instinctual! We are no stranger to Topher Payne’s work at An Other, having produced his comedy, Perfect Arrangement, in 2018. Entertaining Lesbians tackles the very real questions of privilege, political correctness, and modern polite society through the most absurd and hilarious characters I’ve come in contact with in a long time. A boring heterosexual white couple, the Tuttles, are determined to have their daughter enrolled in the extremely prestigious School for Young People. Their plan? Befriend Atlanta’s most influential lesbian power couple by inviting them over for drinks. But, as it turns out, entertaining these lesbians grows increasingly difficult through mistaken identities and little “white” lies. Hysterical and biting at the same time, Entertaining Lesbians offers a profound look at what it means to be “other,” and the insatiable urge to belong--in any way necessary.

Sons of the Prophet

November 12 - December 4

All at once sobering and humorous, Sons of the Prophet, a dark comedy by Stephen Karam, explores the effects of grief and suffering on two Lebanese-American brothers Joseph and Charles Douaihy. Their world’s are turned upside down after their father gets in a car accident caused by a local football star’s prank and then dies from a heart attack two weeks later. Suddenly, Joseph and Charles are forced to take care of one another as well as their aging uncle Bill. Pain, whether physical or emotional, takes its toll on each of the characters. Unexplained chronic pain befalls Joseph, who is trying to keep it together, keep the family together. An aching pain follows Charles as he deals with the deep frustration of never getting his father back. I think one of my favorite lines in the play--a line that made me feel my own aching and sadness--was from Charles. “How can we hurt less?” In the wake of their father’s death, they are left to live with unanswered questions. They learn to endure the unendurable.

Christina and the Girl King

January 28 - February 19

Christina and the Girl King by Michel Marc Bouchard tells the true story of Queen Christina, who ruled Sweden in the 17th century. She broke all the rules and traditions laid before her by the society within which she belonged. In the play’s preface, Bouchard states, “Christina of Sweden is fascinating because she is so modern. An enigmatic queen, flamboyant and unpredictable, a woman eager for knowledge, a tomboy, a feminist before her time, she wreaked havoc throughout northern Europe.” Christina, ultimately determined to control everything, finds herself at a loss when not able to control her own feelings. Feelings for her first lady in waiting, Countess Ebba Sparre. A personal friend and philosopher, Rene Descarte, speaks of free will and encourages Christina to determine her destiny for herself. How does one choose between the common good and personal aspirations? How does one choose between one’s country and oneself? In the end, it is Christina alone that must make that choice--but at what cost?

Fun Home

April 8 - April 30

ALISON: “Caption: My dad and I were exactly alike. Caption: My dad and I were nothing alike.” Fun Home, a musical based on Alison Blechdel’s graphic novel, chronicles Alison’s journey through childhood and young adulthood, as seen through her current, middle-aged self. Time shifts back and forth, showing Alison’s relationship with her father, Bruce, as a young girl as well as when she’s in college. Secrets run rampant in what Bruce tries to make a “happy” home, a secret that seeps into each of the family member’s relationships. As Alison dives deeper into her graphic novel, she comes to terms with her father’s secret homosexuality as well as her own. And uncomfortable connections are made between her coming out and her father’s death. But Alison still searches for her home. A place of peace. A place where she can play airplane with her father. A place without secrets.

Tribes June 17 - July 9

Tribes by Nina Raine tells the story of Billy, born deaf into a hearing family. His family has morphed into something unrecognizable. A tribe. A fierce group of dysfunctional adults who make little effort to communicate with Billy. Loud, chaotic, mean, and biting. Billy meets Syliva, a hearing woman born to deaf parents who is now slowly going deaf herself, and he begins to learn sign language from her. As their relationship deepens and flourishes, he finds his voice for the first time. A voice that is new and uncharted. And his family starts to unravel at seeing Billy find himself without them. All at once, each member of the family feels in one way or another as the “other.” A stark look at the lines we make in the sand with those we view as different, as other. Once those lines are drawn, can they ever be crossed? Can they ever be erased?

Whoo-eee! We hope you’re as excited for our upcoming season as we are! We hope you feel heard, seen, enlightened, and loved by these stories. We can’t wait to see you in those pews!

Chelsea Hickman

Literary Manager

An Other Theatre Company

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