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THE FOSSIL RECORD: An Interview with Actor Jordan Reynosa

Q: Hello there! Tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Jordan Reynosa, I use the he series pronouns. I graduated from Westminster College ('21) with a degree in acting and a minor in dance.

Q: Have you done any other shows with us at AOTC? If so, what show(s)?

This is my first show with AOTC!

Q: What drew you to The Fossil Record? Why did you want to be involved in this production?

I was very interested the moment I read the character descriptions. I loved that the family didn't have to look like or be the same ethnicity; it made me feel like I could be cast on my ability to play the role rather than how much I look like I could be apart of the family. I think Lisa's decision to put those specifics into the script is a huge step for BIPOC, people with disabilities, and non-binary people.

I also was entirely captivated by the story the first time I read the script. I thought it was something that felt fresh and original, the characters' personalities are so distinct, the script is fast-paced and unravels almost like a mystery/thriller.

I felt like the character, Andrew, was calling out to me and I knew that this was something I would love to do and have fun doing. I knew it would be something I would be proud to be of. I also have always loved the things that AOTC does and wanted to be apart of it all.

Q: Tell us a little about your character! Who are they? What was your first impression of them after reading the script?

Andrew is a queer teenager, who also happens to be the youngest in the immediate family. He feels closest with his grandmother, Kim. He loves nerdy things like comic books. He's incredibly intelligent and he has a sturdy/stable mindset even in the worst times. My first impression of him was how funny he is, of course. I was also really struck by how mature he is and how much responsibility he takes upon himself (something I didn't have at his age).

Q: What three words would your character use to describe themselves?

Witty, grounding, hungry.

Q: How have you approached your character and their role within this story? What insights have you gained about your character through your acting process?

This is my first time being able to play an openly gay character, so it was really important to me to approach Andrew in a way that wasn't stereotyped. I wanted Andrew to be obviously open about his sexuality, but I wanted to make sure that I wasn't playing into the physical and vocal stereotypes that are often associated with gay men.

I also wanted to make sure I wasn't playing a caricature of a teenager, either. Aside from that, I discovered so much about Andrew throughout the process, things that I didn't initially know about him through my first read of the script. He's able to be focused and coordinate others in difficult situations, he has a strong sense of self as well as independence, and even though he feels his family is flawed in many ways, he cares about them deeply.

Q: What has been the biggest challenge in taking on this role? The biggest reward?

What I loved about Andrew is how multi-faceted he is in the way he reacts to events or how he acts as a person. Meaning, he's funny and is always making jokes, but that's not the only note to him in this play. On top of being gay and being a teenager in high school, he allows himself to care deeply for his family, he's emotionally open, mature, he sees the people around him for who they truly are, even if they're good at hiding it.