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We are so so so grateful for your ongoing support of our theatre, and we wanted to take a moment and share with you our current plan for moving forward while COVID is still happening. We were really excited about our 2021-2022 season, and we made that plan when it was looking like vaccinations would bring an end to the pandemic. While vaccinations are really helping, the Delta variant and relaxed safety measures in our state and county have led to increased cases, and we don’t want to endanger our community by going back to pre-pandemic practices.


So instead of doing a full season, we’ll be moving forward with a “show to show” plan for a little while. There are two main reasons for this: one is that we can make plans for COVID-safe theatre based on how things are in that moment, rather than trying to plan months in advance, without having any idea what things will be like in the future. The other reason is that it gives us a little more financial freedom. By going show-to-show, we can look at our finances and pick shows we can afford right now, rather than trying to budget for a full year. For a “peek behind the curtain” of making theatre, most shows have fees that need to be paid in order to have the right to perform them, and some shows are more expensive than others. Going show-to-show allows us to select shows based on our budget.


How long will we be doing this?
We don’t know! Get vaccinated and tell all your loved ones to get vaccinated, and we can all hang out in the yellow pews again.


What about Fun Home and Tribes and all those other shows you were gonna do?
We’re still hoping to produce Fun Home and Tribes and all those other cool shows someday, but we just need to put them on the back burner for now. We’re hoping to be able to re-mount Entertaining Lesbians—the show we were planning on doing around now—later in the season.


Will you still do inclusive stuff?
HECK YES. We have a requirement in our season selection process to make sure we’re prioritizing marginalized voices, including those of women, BIPOC, queer folks, the disabled community, neurodivergent folks. We will continue to tell stories for, by, and about “the others.”


How can I support the theatre in the meantime?
If you’re not following us on social media, we’re on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. And we also accept tax-deductible donations here on our website--click "support" up above. You can do a one-time donation or a monthly donation. You can also do a Facebook fundraiser for your birthday or other special event. We miss you! We love you. Keep being awesome.


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Our "Show to Show" 2021/2022 Season

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